Andrew Koeman

Experienced Family Lawyer

Andrew graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Laws (Juris Doctor) in 2009. He  completed his articles with Alberta Justice, and continued to work there for two years as a Crown Prosecutor in the Specialized Prosecutions Branch, focusing on complex economic crimes, prior to his decision to practice Family Law exclusively.

While Andrew has experience in all areas of family law he has developed a practice with a specific focus on complex and high net worth property division.  Andrew’s previous training in economic and commercial crimes has given him a unique skill set and he works with various experts to assist clients in tracing assets, determining values of assets, and bringing clarity to the complicated property and financial issues that arise in the course of dividing property at the end of a relationship.

Andrew’s practice also focuses on complex child and spousal support matters, particularly where the determination of income becomes a complex issue as a result of one or both parties deriving income from privately held corporations or other numerous sources outside of typical employment.

These types of compound issues related to the division of property and determination of income often arise for individuals who operate through their own Professional Corporations, either running their own business, or acting in a consulting or contractor role to other businesses.  Andrew has significant experience in assisting Clients who operate their own businesses and is sensitive to the unique issues that arise in relation to preserving and valuing privately held businesses and the impact of these issues at a personal level on those who have put their lives into building their own business.

Andrew also has a particular interest in Appellate work, and has been involved in numerous appeals at different levels of Court.  He is aware of the significant costs that can result from appealing a decision of a Court and how such monetary concerns can limit the options of potential appellants.  In recognition of this, Andrew offers specific reduced rates for reviewing decisions of the Court and providing an opinion as to any potential grounds of appeal that may arise from the decision.  These rates can be found on our Appeals page.



  • “Juris Doctor, University of Calgary, 2009”
  • Law Society of Alberta

“I am dedicated to working with my clients to provide smart and efficient solutions to resolve their matters in a cost-effective manner”

Andrew Koeman

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